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Jacqueline Loh B.A  B.L.Arch  is the founder of Deep Blue Studios.               

I was always interested in art and design. During my teen years, I combined my love for art with work experience in the field as an assistant to a biologist. During my summers, I was exposed to animal habitats and mine site revegetation. The colours of the soil, influenced by the types of metals within them changed  their composition and gave the soils brilliant hues of reds and oranges, yellow and greens that were out of this world. My job was to draw the landscape of those open pit mines and the forests of Northern Ontario and record what kinds of vegetation and wildlife I’d seen. This very job helped me to see landscape as art.

As I matured, my early experiences, working in large spaces like the open pit mines, to the smaller confined spaces of those animal habitats helped me to become excited about the science of space. I became interested in how people interacted in spaces.  It led me to question the question,  ” what makes a space unique ? What makes a particular space feel right ? ”  …….Thus, my evolution into the professional world of Landscape Architecture and interior space planning.

Your Land Planning and Landscape Design Professional.

Jacqueline is a professional space planning specialist with a general degree in geography/ planning and a professional degree in Landscape Architecture. She has over 6 years working experience in the field of landscape design.

Much of it, gained in a variety of landscape architecture firms across North America and Europe. Her experience in landscape design ranges from master planning to ecological restoration of sensitive streams, habitat design, and urban design. She was also involved in zoo design, as well as commercial and retail design for larger chain stores such as Walmart and Keystone Bank. She now brings her talents to Deep Blue Studios.



Interior Space Planner & Colour Specialist

In addition to her love for the outdoors, her love of colour, and Architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s design influence, Jacqueline complimented her skills by studying Interior design and construction. In the past few years, she has multi-tasked by completing various projects in both interior design as well as landscape design. These projects have offered her the variety that she enjoys and the ability to further express her creative talents. What is her ideal project ?  To work with a client who would like to bring the inside of a home out into the fresh air via a new patio room, out door kitchen, or solarium etc.

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She partners with contractors with stellar recommendations. Her Strength ? She is a patient and effective listener, she will help you to create your new new design while providing you with a number of design options to choose from.

 What Services do we offer at Deep Blue Studios ?  

  1.  Landscape Design 
  2.  Balcony and Condo Container gardening
  3.  Interior Space planning – Colour Consultation.
  4.  Autocad Drafter : turning sketches into working drawings.


female_user_comment Why choose Jacqueline Loh at Deep Blue Studios to be your Design Consultant ?

She has the right education, talent, design experiences in firms and visual sensibility. She is Passionate and  Excitement about her craft and comes with great recommendations. Her love for drawing, love for the natural environment, knowledge of plants and colour, and her keen sensitivity to the way people interact with each other in a given space is key to her success as a designer. 


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