Interior Design


Are you thinking of refreshing your interior ?  

Let me help you with your renovation needs and take the worry away from you.

female_user_comment  My Specialty is :  Colour

Before you start investing in buying plenty of paint samples and getting frustrated because it still doesn’t look right, give me a call. You’ll spend more money on those samples for your home then you will by hiring me. 

What’s the key to my success ?  Listening…..I always listen first to my client’s needs and take time to understand their personality and desires before I begin to draw anything. 

What’s the second key to my success ?  I am also an artist and have been exposed to colour theory, balance, rhythm, contrast and all those skills that make a good design – Great.

Construction Documents 

The following few samples are taken from various construction documentation packages that I completed for  Interior Design professionals or construction consultants in the field.