Landscape Design

  Are you thinking of refreshing your garden or patio/ balcony ? Plants are not cheap and for lasting appeal, and a bigger bang for your buck, you should get it right the first time.

Start with a consultation. It is the best way to begin.

The following Images are just a slice of the many projects which I have worked on. Please feel free to browse through them. 

  • Master Plans – Besides it’s aesthetics, and apparent appeal,  A landscape plan is a great investment to help organize your space.
  • Patios, Walkways or Paths and Retaining Walls– These are permanent improvements and can really add value and interest to your property.
  • Decks– A newly built deck or solarium can become an outdoor room and space for your family and friends to gather.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Landscape lighting can be designed for a lovely evening look and an irrigation system installed to keep your plants fresh.
  • Water Features– A gentle waterfall, a bubbling basin, or a simple pond. These become wonderful focal points as well as adding sound to your garden.
  • Meditation Gardens – Peaceful places are designed to re-connect us with nature. Labyrinths and Grottos help us get there.